Specialist support



Jane Mullen – an independent Speech and Language Therapist, who is employed by the academy through the Pupil Premium Grant.

Victoria Navin

Victoria Navin – Literacy & Numeracy Support, provides additional individual and small groups support for Reading and Numeracy. This position is funded by the Pupil Premium, LAC (Looked After Children) and Yr 7 Catch Up funding. Pre-readers are taught “letters and sounds” in a fun way, using lots of different methods including computer and Ipad programmes. Following an accelerated reading scheme, pupil’s progress through sets of books. Focusing on learning new reading skills and strategies, punctuation and comprehension. Numeracy is tailored to suit the needs of individual pupils and topics include social skills using money and time.

H Roberts

Helen Roberts – Family Liaison Worker, our Family Liaison provides a vital point of contact within the academy for parents and carers, also providing a point of contact for other agencies that are involved in our pupil’s lives. The role includes support and attendance at multi-disciplinary meetings, Child in Need reviews, TAF’s and Child Protection conferences.

If parents/carers have any concerns, issues, worries or feedback they wish to raise or discuss they know they can contact the Family Liaison Worker and she will do her best to support them.

Katie Richardson – responsible for the administration of medicines, managing individual care plans and providing information on all aspects of first aid.

Abi Hartley – Leads the Family & Toddler Group, which has been established for 8 years. The group welcomes children 0-4 years with additional needs. They meet every Tuesday morning and afternoon offering parents, carers and grandparents a chance to be part of a community and access drop in sessions held by other agencies (SaLT, Physios and OT’s)

Katie Philly Sarah

Katie Pinnington, Philly Davenport and Sarah Vickers – ELSA’s (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants), they are trained to plan and deliver programmes of support to individual or groups of pupils who are experiencing temporary or longer term additional emotional needs.

Speech and Language Therapy at The Russett School.

The Speech and Language Therapy team at our learning difficulty school Cheshire are employed by Central Cheshire Integrated Care Partnership. We specialise in speech, language, communication and swallowing disorders.  We assess, diagnose and develop a programme of care for children with feeding or communication difficulties.

For example:

-Problems with understanding and using language

-Difficulties with speech sounds

-Communication problems associated with conditions such as Hearing Impairment, Cleft Palate or Autism

-Problems associated with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.

We aim to develop a child’s speech language and communication through:

-Assessing and diagnosing the development of children’s functional communication skills and needs.

-Developing and monitoring individualised targets that will promote functional communication skills and clarity of speech, at home and at school.

-Working directly with pupils where appropriate, either individually or in groups to help achieve their targets.

-Training of staff to carry out personalised speech and language therapy programmes devised by the speech and language therapist.

-Carrying out class based work, in order to support staff in their use of inclusive strategies that will embed a child’s communication targets into their daily curriculum.

-Helping develop a whole school environment to facilitate functional   communication through training, attending meetings and working with a wider professional team.

The team is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your child’s SLT needs or to arrange an appointment to come into school on 01606 855834.