School Closure Procedures

What happens if the school is closed due to severe weather?

Keeping our pupils safe is our priority.

The Head Teacher will assess conditions and make the decision to close the school by 7.30am.

A member of the Senior Team will contact parents that live furthest away and parents who bring their own children into school.

Transport co-ordination will also be contacted directly by the school.

Local radio stations will also be notified of the closure:

Dee, Radio City, Radio Merseyside, Heart, Signal and Real Radio


In the event of severe weather, what happens if the school closes during the school day?

The Head Teacher may make the decision to close the school during the day.

Senior members will contact all parents/carers to inform that the closure.

Parents who transport their own children will be required to pick up their children as soon as possible.

Transport will be contacted to arrange early collection of pupils/students who travel on transport.


Parent Mail may be used to contact parents.

Please ensure school have current contact numbers.

Please look at our website for any updates.